Blobfish Studio

High quality online courses built & taught by experts.

Market Research

Understanding the needs and wants of your potential customers can be the difference between success and failure.

Design that works

Our creative team just knows how to make a killer course. They are super anxious to produce your stunning course and keep your students hungry for more.

Targeted Marketing

Building the course is the easy part. Making it explode with students is what we really like doing.

Who we are.

A studio in a fight against sh##ty eLearning experience.

Blobfish Studio was founded in 2014 by a group of highly experienced online teachers. After experiecing a growing frustration with the low quality of eLearning content out there, we decided we're gonna make a change. Blobfish is a boutique studio with one goal in mind: make amazing online courses

We have always loved the sea and marine animals. After elected as the world's ugliest animal , we knew it was just meant to be :)